Reducing landfill

500,000 tonnes per annum!

That’s how much Office Furniture gets dumped into UK Landfill sites every year.

What does that equate to?

  • 45 Eiffel Towers
  • 250,000 Cars
  • 1,000,000 Grand Pianos

Landfill Sites are extremely harmful to both Local and Global environments producing Greenhouse gases (CO2, Methane, etc) and storing many toxic elements.

How Can You Help?

  • Are you about to renew your office furniture? If so, let Mango remove your old furniture.
  • Instead of buying new furniture why not buy recycled furniture? It's cheaper and not a drain on Landfill resources.
  • Do you have any empty Commercial Space? Let Mango use it to store the furniture they save from Landfill.
  • Contact us to find out the Benefits

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