Furniture recycling

Mango provides three key benefits

Removing unwanted office furniture from a building is a huge headache and considerable cost for all concerned.

Benefit 1 – Eliminates Landfill charges for Logistics companies. By working with Mango, Logistics companies save ££££’s by not incurring Landfill fees. 

Benefit 2 – Reduces costs for Commercial Landlords. Letting Mango use Empty Commercial Space can provide significant savings for Commercial Landlords and their agents.

Benefit 3 – Inclusion on our United Nations SDG page. Working with Mango allows us to cite your organisation as a partner in our Mission to reduce Landfill.

Benefit 4  – Landfill bound Office Furniture is returned to use. Working with our CIC, The Recycled Office, and other outlets, we endeavour to make sure all furniture finds a new use.

Mango never resorts to using Landfill.

Furniture beyond repair is recycled.

Wood is chipped for Biomass pellets and metal is taken to a Metals recycler.


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