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Warehousing Unit

Case Study

This 96,000 sq ft warehousing unit had been unoccupied for some time when we agreed a short term letting.

Having sourced a substantial consignment of furniture due to be sent to Landfill, we needed an appropriately big enough space to sort and grade it.

We were actually able to house more than one consignment in this sizeable unit.

Upon completion of the tenancy we were able to send a proportion of the recycled furniture to new owners and the remainder went to a Community Interest Company (CIC) for repair.

Actual Benefits of this Occupation 

  • 21 tonne of Unwanted Furniture was diverted from Landfill for reuse.
  • A CIC received large amounts of repairable furniture.
  • The Landlord was entitled to a significant reduction in his Rates liability whilst making a positive impact upon Landfill usage. 


Warehouse Pic 1



November, 2013