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Reducing Landfill

UK Landfill sites will be full by 2018 

Everyone recycles these days. We all like to think we are doing our bit for Planet Earth. 

However, there are major Landfill issues in the UK that will affect every person and every business. 

It is estimated that UK Landfill sites will be full by 2018. When this occurs the EU will hand out stringent fines and penalties that will see significant increases in Landfill and recycling charges and in bigger Council Tax bills.

View the article here

The pressing issue isn't our ability to recycle. It's to reduce the amount of this material that finds it's way to our already overflowing Landfill sites.   

View the article here from Waste Management World, Testing Times for UK Landfills.


Mango's recycling of unwanted Furniture back into the community reduces Landfill.