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Furniture Recycling

Mango's work provides three key benefits to many companies

Removing unwanted office furniture from a building is a huge headache and considerable cost for companies.

Benefit 1 - Mango helps Companies reduce these costs by removing the expensive need for Landfill fees that will be included in the disposal tender. 

Benefit 2 - Mango helps Landlords, and their agents, manage their empty property more effectively.

Benefit 3 - Mango is a member of the CIC association and works with it's members to redistribute the furniture it diverts from Landfill. (There are many Community Interest Company's (CIC's) and Social Enterprises up and down the UK who recycle and repair unwanted office furniture back into their local communities).


Mango never resorts to using Landfill.  

Furniture beyond repair is recycled. 

Wood is chipped for Biomass pellets and metal is taken to a Metals recycler.